The 2020 Million Women Mentors Leaders to Learn From series showcases ‘Stories in Mentoring’, these profiles will celebrate individuals who have powerful mentoring stories to share. See below for the 2020 Leaders.

If you are still interested in the 2019 Million Women Mentors Leaders to Learn From which showcased the career paths of STEM leaders who have followed unique pathways to attain their current status you can find it here. These profiles celebrated individuals who persevere against convention and remind young people and seasoned veterans alike that there is no longer a “traditional” means to career success.


Susan Bysiewicz

  Susan Bysiewicz was raised the proud granddaughter of immigrants who came to Connecticut from Poland and Greece with nothing but hopes for a better future. After many years of factory work, they saved enough to buy a farm in the Westfield section of Middletown that became Susan’s childhood home. Growing up and working on the farm, she and her siblings learned the values of hard work, education, and persistence. Sworn in on January 9, 2019, she is currently serving her first term as Connecticut’s 109th Lieutenant Governor.
  “At every time in my life, I have been blessed to have mentors. My public school teachers, college professors, elected officials I’ve interned with, and my colleagues in public service have guided and mentored me. In turn, as a lawyer, candidate for elected office, state representative, Secretary of the State and now as Lieutenant Governor, I have mentored many interns who’ve gone on to do great things; they have become Fulbright scholars, state representatives, teachers, lawyers, CEOs and non-profit leaders.” She knows she would not be where she is today without the mentors who have supported her journey.