We believe challenges are better solved through collaboration than when you go at it alone.

Our network of committed thought leaders from pioneering organizations come together to develop strategies that build, attract and retain a more diverse and sustainable STEM workforce.


About Us

STEMconnector is a professional services firm committed to increasing the number of STEM-ready (Science Technology Engineering Math) workers in the global talent pool. We provide a platform to engage leaders in both public and private sectors who collectively are re-envisioning the workforce. Working with pioneering leaders across over 200 organizations, our overall goal is to inform, stimulate and connect leaders with a passion for and vested interest in growing a STEM-ready workforce.

STEMconnector is committed to a networked-approach because we believe that no one sector has a monopoly.  This guiding principle is reinforced by the breadth of our network that represents 25+ million students, 3.5+ million educators and 2.6 million STEM jobs. We are excited to work with Heads of Talent Acquisition, Chief Diversity Officers, CIOs and CTOs at leading corporations.  We count Presidents of 2-year and 4-year universities as well as Executives of NGOs within our network.  Most organizations who try to tackle the STEM gap independently found it difficult to deliver broad impact across a large population.  By combining resources, ideas and energy across private and public sectors, members have realized they can collectively drive much more sustainable change and improve their talent pipelines than when they try to tackle it alone.

STEMconnector Resources

STEMconnector’s research and resources drive impact for our members and influence the field. STEMconnector research and tools:

Our research is unique among its peers due to:

– Cross-Sector Perspective
– Cross-Functional Approach
– Employer Lens

STEMconnector produces market insights for knowledge and practice, creating actionable analyses and scalable recommendations. STEMconnector members have access to proprietary resources that allow them to interact more deeply with the research findings and apply them to their own STEM talent strategies and programs.

The Way Forward

In an effort to close the gaps in STEM education and employment, it is imperative that we develop a more systematic approach. A multi-stakeholder model in which institutions of higher and technical education, the private sector, the nonprofit and government sectors work collaboratively on those issues is the most sustainable path to success. STEMconnector has been at the forefront in that regard by deploying a vanguard of initiatives & Councils designed to leverage the expertise of industry, nonprofits and government stakeholders. The key initiatives are:

In order to best serve the many communities within STEM, we have created an assortment of initiatives which focus in different aspects and interest areas of STEM. STEMconnector also has other initiatives and programs which help connect employers with job seekers, and higher education institutions in order to help promote diversity in the STEM fields.