Connected Storm Sanctuary Design Thinking Mission Presented by U.S. Cellular and JASON Learning

Many of us are currently at home and juggling work, family life, and the care and education of your children. We understand how difficult it is to keep your children engaged in their education while at home. A wonderful way to keep them excited and engaged is through project-based learning, essentially “learning while doing”. We wanted to remind you that STEMconnector created a wonderful STEM focused project based learning activity together with U.S. Cellular and JASON Learning, called Connected Storm Sanctuary

The activity challenges students to imagine and prototype solutions that use mobile technologies to create a better sanctuary: a temporary space where families can come together, connect, engage and be safe during, and immediately after, a natural disaster.  With many of us having to “shelter in place” we can see how relevant this is today. While the activity refers specifically to “storms” we encourage you to share this activity with your children through the lens of the current crisis we are facing. Instead of researching storms, your kids can look into pandemics and how infectious disease spreads and build their shelter with features that will reflect the current crisis.

This influential methodology is widely used by start-up companies, academics, government agencies and many more who seek to create solutions for the future rather than focusing on solving problems that have occurred in the past. The goal  is to achieve the best possible outcome for the student. 

The teacher’s guide has been designed so that any parent can lead this activity even without an educator’s background. We hope this activity will be a wonderful way for you to engage with your kids and find ways for them to stay connected with other members of their family (while practicing social distancing). Click here to learn more about the Connected Storm Sanctuary activities.

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