Discovery Education and 3M Open the 11th Annual Young Scientist Challenge

Discovery Education and 3M today launched the 11th annual Young Scientist Challenge, a premier STEM competition for middle school students that gives aspiring young innovators and scientists the unique opportunity to work with a 3M scientist mentor, earn a $25,000 prize, and take home the title of America’s Top Young Scientist!

Through the Young Scientist Challenge, 5th-8th grade students are tasked with finding STEM solutions to tackle everyday problems in their local, national, or global communities. Gitanjali Rao, an 11 year-old 6th grader from Colorado, earned last year’s title of America’s Top Young Scientist for her prototype of Tethys, a sensor-based device designed to detect lead in water faster than current techniques.

“The Young Scientist Challenge is a great opportunity for any middle school student to apply their interest in science to creating an innovation that helps improve the lives of others,” said Rao. “Being paired with a 3M scientist as my mentor was especially helpful when I was stuck on a problem or needed to talk through an idea.” Watch the video down below to hear directly from her why it’s so awesome to participate in this STEM competition!

To enter the 2018 Challenge, middle school students are invited to submit a 1-2 minute video addressing the science behind their ideas for helping their communities online at starting today and no later than April 19, 2018.

For more information about the 2018 Young Scientist Challenge, read the rest of the press release here:

And for submission guidelines, tips from past winners, and official rules, head to the Young Scientist Challenge website:


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