Diversity in Technology: A Workshop for Leaders Promoting Corporate Diversity

by brian jackson

At Convene in New York City

On August 23rd, TCS and STEMConnector convened business leaders at a roundtable to look at diversity from a holistic perspective of equity and access in K-12 education, early careers, retention and growth within companies. The objective was to help advance the field of diversity and inclusion, specifically focusing on technology, skills and jobs.

Over 55 diversity leaders participated in the discussions, including representatives from Bloomberg, Credit Suisse, Google, Indeed, KPMG, McKesson, Smithfield Foods, UN Women and the New York City Mayor’s Office on Workforce Development. Participants shared their insights and experience, built from collective years of work in diversity and inclusion. Three topics explored throughout the day were the importance of early outreach and engagement, sourcing and recruiting tech talent from diverse areas and backgrounds, and creating a workforce culture of inclusion and belonging.

Barbara Chang, New York City Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development

Some key outcomes from the discussion were:

  • Learning should be more focused on the development of cross-functional skills that can promote job adaptability.
  • Policy makers and business leaders should recognize the existence of inherent biases, both conscious and unconscious, in recruiting and retaining practices and focus on addressing these.
  • Companies can go beyond the traditional hiring routes and look at the new pools of talent available to them such as students from community colleges, veterans and disconnected youth.
  • Having an authentic and integrated approach will help attract and retain the right talent. The value for organizations is that diversity drives innovation and inclusion powers competitiveness.

Surya Kant, President of TCS, North America, UK & Europe

As a follow up to the event, a whitepaper highlighting the outcomes of the discussion and suggesting next steps for companies will be produced, to be release in the coming months. If you have any questions or would like to be involved in the conversation, e-mail Brian.Jackson@STEMconnector.com.

L to R: Avis Yates Rivers, NCWIT; Wes Combs, Combs Advisory Services; Janice Little, McKesson; Donna DeBerry, Indeed