About STEMconnector Innovation Labs

STEMconnector believes in the power of cross-sector collaboration and practice sharing at scale to meet STEM talent goals. Our Innovation Labs embody this approach, exploring challenges and solutions at different stages of the STEM talent pipeline, including the K-12, postsecondary education, and STEM workforce years. All Labs focus on points of intersection across these sectors, with an emphasis on the importance of partnerships and the role of employers to drive positive outcomes.

STEMconnector Innovation Labs are members-only, structured working sessions of thought leaders who explore STEM talent challenges and solutions. Participants in STEMconnector Innovation Labs:

  • Learn about relevant research, data, and best practices, and engage in collaborative, hands-on activities to generate solutions to shared challenges
  • Connect with other leading executives in the field to whom they can turn for future collaboration
  • Contribute to ongoing STEMconnector research efforts, potentially including deliverables to be shared across our network, including data briefs, research papers, etc.

Innovation Lab

The K-12 years are critical in establishing the fundamental knowledge and skills required to pursue STEM postsecondary education and careers, as well as sparking interest and excitement in STEM fields.

This Lab explores best practices that enhance outcomes and remove barriers to success for students across all settings, both in the classroom and outside of school.

Postsecondary Pathways
Innovation Lab

Postsecondary degrees are critical in STEM talent, yet not enough students pursue and persist in STEM degree programs to meet employer demand. Employers also see a mismatch between student preparation and key skills needed for on-the-job success.

This Lab explores best practices that support students on STEM postsecondary pathways, focusing on areas of partnership with employers to prepare students for STEM careers.

STEM Workforce
Innovation Lab

Corporations continue to face challenges in recruiting, developing, and retaining skilled and diverse STEM talent in today’s workforce. Increasingly, employers strive to create an integrated, STEM talent strategy with alignment across multiple functions, regions, and time horizons.

This Lab explores best practices for employers to build and sustain robust, diverse STEM talent pipelines now and in the future.