January 2021 Mentoring Twitter Chat

On January 19, Million Women Mentors hosted a Twitter Chat to celebrate National Mentoring Month. National Mentoring Month is a national campaign that raises awareness about the need for mentors as well as how each of us can work together to increase the number of mentors in an effort to help create positive outcomes for younger generations.

January is mentoring month and we want to hear from our STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors family about the importance of mentoring. Whether you were the one mentoring others or the one being mentored, we want to hear your story about how mentoring has positively impacted your life.

Tell us about your mentor, the best advice your mentor ever gave you, what you learned while being mentored or mentoring others, or even how you met your mentor.

We want to know your story so be creative, have fun, and tell us about what mentoring means to you! Submissions can be sent directly to the STEMconnector/MWM team here.

Participants shared some resources, tips, and strategies that they have put together for returning veterans to keep them engaged during the summer. In case you missed the Twitter chat, below are the questions that we asked participants:

  • Describe one experience/interaction that you felt made a significant impact on your mentee.
  • Why is mentoring particularly important for women and girls in STEM?
  • Was there a significant moment in your life that influenced your decision to become a mentor?
  • What is your advice for maintaining consistency in a mentoring relationship?
  • Has mentoring ever helped you or your company get through a tough personal or professional situation?

If you weren’t able to log on during the chat itself, here’s a recap of what went down.

Participants describe interactions that made a significant impact on their mentee:


Why mentoring is important to girls and women in STEM:

On a significant moment in your life that influenced your decision to become a mentor:

On advice for maintaining consistency in a mentoring relationship:

On mentoring and helping participants get through personal and/or professional situations:


Thank you!

Thanks to all our featured guests, and to the many others that joined in on Twitter. We hope you’ll join us again for our next Twitter chat session taking place on Tuesday, February 2nd at 3pm ET. This chat will focus on Workforce Retention in STEM. If you would like to participate, please email

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