Learning Blade celebrates CS Week with FREE Resources

by Alexa Gitler

Learning Blade celebrates CS Week with FREE Resources

December 9th to December 15th is Computer Science Week, and schools all across the country will be doing all sorts of coding and computer science activities! Learning Blade is joining in on the CS mania by offering portions of Learning Blade that put a particular focus on computer science careers.  Available statewide in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Alabama, Learning Blade is helping students see what STEM and CS Careers are.

Learning Blade’s newest lessons series, Intro to Computer Science is being offered FREE for the entire month of December to celebrate Computer Science Week! Will your school join the Hour of Learning Blade movement?

To make a permanent and lasting impact in the quality of the computer science workforce, we must start in the years when students decide on their interests, general education and career pathway. The Learning Blade lesson series, Intro to Computer Science, introduces students to careers in computer science industries, creating awareness of the variety of occupations available while contextualizing and illustrating the impact of these careers and industries on society.

By demonstrating the benefits to both students and society of computer science careers, Learning Blade is proven to build students’ interest in these career paths.

Learning Blade’s Intro to Computer Science focuses on computer science careers and technologies. While Computer Science Week focuses on coding skills, it is important to also highlight careers and technologies that use these skills. The Intro to Computer Science lessons have math, science, English and social studies lessons about the careers of Information Security Analyst, Computer Programmers, Database Administrators, User Interface Designers, and Web Developer, in addition there are lessons on Cyber Security, Software Development, Mobile Applications and more.

The Intro to Computer Science lesson series contains two hours of exciting CS related activities aligned to state standards. Exciting lessons allow students to better understand the impact of CS careers and skills on society.

STEMconnector is a proud supporter of the Hour of Learning Blade and joins their support with the Arkansas Department of Education, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, Alabama State Department of Education, STEMx, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Million Women Mentors®, National Rural Education Association, Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI), AMSTEC, Berea Educational Partners, Arkansas Public School Resource Center, Florida STEM2Hub, Idaho STEM Action Center, CS for AR, and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

To participate in the Hour of Learning Blade, schools can use their current license OR visit www.learningblade.com/CSWeek for free access to Intro to Computer Science the entire month of December!