The International Space Station is an amazing asset, rich with potential to engage, inspire and educate students and the public.  The ISS has a constant presence of astronauts, a broad array of experiments in the physical, Earth and life sciences, an international partnership to build, operate and utilize the ISS, and numerous opportunities for students and the public to explore, learn and participate.

CASIS has a long-term contract from NASA to expand and support use of the ISS National Lab (the parts of the ISS directly managed by NASA and the U.S.), including education-related activities.  For this educational mission, CASIS develops, promotes and operates its own educational programs, as well as supporting programs operated by its partners. In some cases, CASIS provides supportive funding for these programs, and/or supports their operational access to the ISS.

To achieve its educational goals, CASIS established Space Station Explorers, as a community of students, teachers and partners learning and explorer with the ISS. CASIS operates the web site, and promotes large-scale use of the ISS.