Discovery Education

Company Overview

A leader in educational technology, Discovery Education partners with K-12 districts to strategically support the shift from print to digital learning environments.  Providing the highest quality digital content (digital textbooks) and professional development, Discovery Education is increasing student achievement for over 50M students and 4.5M teachers worldwide. Learn more:

Science Techbook™

Inspiring the Scientist in Every Student

Discovery Education Science Techbook™ is a breakthrough interactive digital textbook changing the way students and teachers experience science. With an award-winning, research-based approach to science instruction, Science Techbook™ combines multiple types of media content to individualize learning and empower students with a conceptual understanding of complex science concepts.

Science Techbook™ empowers educators with cutting-edge resources to change the way students experience real-world phenomena, igniting curiosity and boosting achievement levels. Designed with constant educator support mechanisms, Science Techbook™ is structured to enhance instructional practices in districts at the systems level. Empowering teachers with dynamic content, real-time student data, hands-on labs, model lessons, professional development and community support, Science Techbook™ is transforming classrooms into rich ecosystems that open students’ minds and inspire them to learn.

STEM Leader Corps. Growing Leaders. Growing Capacity

A four-year system for professional learning and leadership, intentionally designed to build and sustain a culture of STEM teaching and learning. Discovery Education’s team of STEM and Adult Learning Behavioral experts designed and implement STEM Leader Corps to work hand in hand with districts as they build and sustain a culture of STEM education. Through immersive professional development initiatives, job-embedded instructional coaching, rich digital content, and extensive community engagement, STEM Leader Corps is adaptively structured to meet the needs of individual schools or entire districts. Measurably improving academic achievement levels, this multi-dimensional solution is sustained through:

  • A shared leadership model
  • Robust STEM professional development, ongoing job-embedded coaching & administrative leadership support
  • Use of an exclusive STEM Instructional Progression
  • Development of a trandisciplinary curriculumProduced

Corporate Partnerships

Discovery Education partners with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, associations and foundations to create and activate high-impact K-12 STEM educational initiatives. From using engineering and science to explore the farthest reaches of Mars, to the math and cutting-edge technology of modern manufacturing careers, These dynamic programs are built to harness the STEM within businesses to inform and prepare tomorrow’s globally minded workforce. Delivered to teachers and students at no cost, Discovery Education custom creates standards-aligned initiatives that can be seamlessly integrated into core classroom curriculum. These , and offer one-of- a-kind dynamic student and educator experiences leverage the power of relevancy, using the real-world applications of STEM to bring it to life in schools and homes. Examples include: Siemens STEM Day, Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, Arconic Manufacture Your Future, NAVY STEM for the Classroom, EA SPORTS: Football by the Numbers. Learn about these programs and more at: