Olin College

In 1997, Olin College was founded with a visionary and unprecedented grant “to be an important and constant contributor to the advancement of engineering education in America and throughout the world.” Within a decade Olin developed a reputation for graduating engineer-innovators in high demand by employers, graduate programs and the start-up market. Olin has become a model for other educators seeking transformation, functioning as a privately funded national lab for educational redesign. Without the bounds of academic departments and with the benefit of a gender-balanced student body, Olin brings together faculty and students to co-design transformative learning experiences that tap into a student’s passion and sense of purpose. Students work in diverse teams to solve problems in the service of people. By the end of four years, graduates are likely to have 20 to 40 projects under their belts. Their college experience culminates with a unique senior capstone in which a company sponsors a team for a yearlong project.

Learn how Olin faculty and students co-designed a new learning experience (combining content from traditional engineering, physics and math classes) into a thrilling yearlong experience to build their analytical and predictive skills in the real world. Read Qualitative Engineering Analysis.