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University of Phoenix® College of Security and Crimi­nal Justice and ASIS International launched the En­terprise Security Competency Model. Designed to represent the competencies that are essential for being prepared for a career in today’s ever-chang­ing security industry, the model is the first of its kind. Careers in Enterprise Security fulfill critical roles in the protection of national and global economies, and the industry is changing. Yet despite its size and scope, until now the security industry has not yet wide­ly endorsed a clear set of competencies and skills to enable the workforce to keep pace with expanding roles and responsibilities.

To develop a security workforce well equipped to meet a multitude of risks and challenges, the industry must better define itself by promoting its variety of dynamic career paths and required compe­tencies. Today’s security careers span every industry, offer opportu­nities for specialization, and can open up paths to executive lead­ership roles. Security leaders need education and training that is distinct from that of law enforcement, and comprehensive enough to meet the growing need to safeguard a complex global economy.

To respond to workforce development challenges, the ASIS Foun­dation, partnered with University of Phoenix® College of Security and Criminal Justice, engaged in multiple research initiatives to identify the specific professional competencies and skills that are required to respond to the security risks that enterprises are most likely to face over the next five years. The goal of these research efforts was to establish consensus on which security competen­cies are needed across industries to close the skills gap by defining clearer career pathways for tomorrows professionals.