MWM’s #BeyondTheBuzzChat Heads Back To School This Thursday, September 12th!

Million Women Mentors is continuing its Twitter Chat Series, #BeyondTheBuzzChat., on September 12th at 3PM ET right as students head back to school, which will be the focus of this time around!

#BeyondTheBuzzChat is part of MWM’s broader Beyond The Buzzword campaign, which seeks to move beyond sideline support for STEM’s many buzzwords, and show what it takes to actually do them and make an impact. Past topics have included Women’s History Month, summer learning, what mentoring relationships look like in real-life, and the importance of evaluating success in programs for Girls in STEM. You can learn about the origins of the campaign here.

For this discussion we want to talk about tips, the role of teachers and parents, clubs, after-school programs, STEM competitions, and other initiatives that help engage girls in STEM learning as they begin the school year! All are encouraged to help us dive into this discussion, and we’re also excited to be joined by some experts on these topics from MIND Research Institute (@MIND_Research), Afterschool Alliance (@Afterschool4All), and MWM New Jersey (@MWMentorsNJ).

And don’t sweat it if you’ve never done a Twitter Chat before. Questions will be Tweeted from @MillionWMentors in the following format: Q# (Q for Question, followed by a number for which question it is). Each participant should then answer that question by starting their tweet w/ A# (A for answer, with the number that corresponds with the question). After answering the question, don’t forget to use the hashtag #BeyondTheBuzzChat!

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