The 2018 Million Women Mentors Summit & Awards Gala

Recap of the Event

Thank you for those who joined Million Women Mentors and global thought leaders for two days of engaging programming around mentoring!

On the evening of October 25, 2018 at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, we celebrated progress from across the Million Women Mentors network, recognizing the leaders who make our movement possible and work every day to increase the confidence of women and girls to pursue and excel in STEM careers through the power of mentoring.

For photos of the event please click here.

The following day, at the Summit (click here to jump to the workshops) attendees immersed themselves in discussions centered around new research, best practices, and helpful resources. With workshops tailored to audience interest, attendees worked to problem-solve around specific challenges relevant to their role in the mentoring space (including program leaders, industry partners, volunteers, and mentors themselves). Workshops also provided an occasion for state leaders to share how they have operationalized mentoring programs and volunteer networks within their states. Attendees left the Summit with access to new resources for measuring impact of programs within their organization.

Awards Gala

At the Awards Gala Lara Logan gave the keynote address; Logan’s bold, award-winning reporting has earned her a prominent spot among the world’s best foreign correspondents. Named a full-time 60 Minutes correspondent in May 2012, the 2017-18 season is her 13th at the newsmagazine. Her work has taken her from the front lines of the Ebola crisis to the forests of central Africa where she did a story on veterinarians treating endangered mountain gorillas in the wild, to Hollywood where she recently profiled one of rock ‘n roll’s most prolific photographers. Logan has received multiple Emmy Awards, several Murrow awards, an Overseas Press Club Award, the Daniel Pearl Award, Glamour Woman of the Year and five American Women in Radio and Television Gracie Awards, to name a few. She spoke to attendees about the importance of strong role models for women, and why she is proud to stand against negative stereotypes in her work as a foreign news correspondent.

7 Awards were given to select members and individuals within the Million Women Mentors network who are making a difference in the mentoring space, or in creating opportunities for women in STEM careers and leadership positions.

States Contest Award: This year we gave our states the opportunity to share their best-practices and programs from the year. We received entries from a quarter of our states in the form of videos, essays, and prezi and powerpoint presentations. While all of the states shared incredible work that we will continue to share across our network, Minnesota’s video on their Trailblazers initiative met all of our criteria and impressed our judges with its impact. The model provides panels, tours, and onsite STEM experiences to youth across the state to encourage their participation in STEM learning and has seen extraordinary results. Thank you to all those who helped us with judging this contest. To view their video, please click here.

Sustained Corporate Commitment Award: This award is given to an organization that has provided a long-term sustainable commitment to increasing opportunities for women and girls to pursue STEM careers and leadership opportunities. Over the past several years, Cisco has proven their dedication to this work, not only through their relationship with Million Women Mentors, but by prioritizing opportunities for their employees across the country to volunteer, mentor, and get involved in making a difference in our future STEM workforce through programs like Girls Power Tech.

Global Impact Award: Although Million Women Mentors is currently a predominantly United States-based movement, creating opportunities for women in STEM is a global imperative. PepsiCo has led this charge to bring the Million Women Mentors movement outside of the United States by founding chapters across the globe, including Saudi Arabia, India, Ireland, the UK, Mexico, and Canada. This work requires incredibly strong leadership and organization, and we are honored to have PepsiCo as pioneers of this effort.

Champion of Industry: Million Women Mentors touches a wide variety of sectors, and having champions within a particular industry spread the importance of mentoring to combat inequities is crucial. Through the Women in Insurance Initiative of Million Women Mentors, Margaret Resce Milkint, Managing Partner at Jacobson Group, and Chair of the Women in Insurance Initiative, has led a charge for change within the insurance industry to create more opportunities for women’s advancement while celebrating progress already being made. Her tireless commitment to improving outcomes for women in her industry is inspiring to those in and around the insurance sector, and the Women in Insurance Initiative provides a model for other industries looking to make a difference for women.

Corporate State Advocacy Award: We are proud that the Million Women Mentors movement is both a national corporate and local state initiative at the same time. However, sometimes bridging the gap between the corporate and state impact can be a challenge. Thanks to the work of MEMIC in Maine, we have a success story that provides a scalable model for how corporate leaders can work to impact change locally on the ground in their state. MEMIC is committed to spreading the message of Million Women Mentors throughout the state at various networking events, school STEM nights, and programs aimed at bringing more women into STEM fields.

ATHENA National Award: Million Women Mentors is proud to partner with ATHENA International for the presentation of their ATHENA National Award to Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, National Managing Partner, Diversity & Corporate Responsibility at KPMG, for her years of community impact and leadership, particularly as it relates to building opportunities for women within KPMG and across the nation.

Founders Award: Million Women Mentors is honored to recognize our founder, Edie Fraser at the 2018 Million Women Mentors Awards Gala. What began in 2014 as a humble movement to spark the interest and confidence of women and girls to pursue and succeed in STEM careers has grown into a global coalition of leaders across government, corporate, non-profit and volunteer sectors building opportunities together. It is because of Edie’s visionary leadership that we are celebrating this success today, and we are privileged to recognize her years of dedication, passion, and imagination in building this initiative.

Becoming the Difference Million Women Mentors Summit 2018

At the Summit attendees immersed themselves in discussions centered around new research, best practices, and helpful resources. With workshops tailored to audience interest, attendees worked to problem-solve around specific challenges relevant to their role in the mentoring space (including program leaders, industry partners, volunteers, and mentors themselves). Workshops also provided an occasion for state leaders to share how they have operationalized mentoring programs and volunteer networks within their states.

Please see below summaries from each of the sessions as well as links to presentations and photos from the event. If you have any questions or would like to be put in touch with any of the presenters, please email

The Summit was broken into 3 Workshops:

The day started with two keynote addresses:

  • David Shapiro, CEO, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership spoke about Mentoring as a Top Choice Investment for Impact. To view his slides please click here.
    • Over the past year our partnership with MENTOR has allowed us to immeasurably build and expand. We have been able to expand our database of active mentee-serving organizations by over a thousand and create opportunities in every single state. We have shared best-practices and resources with our networks through blog posts, webinars, and presentations.
  • Gabriela A. GonzalezDeputy Director, Intel Foundation spoke about the Importance of Role Models for Women in STEM.
    • Gabriela has been involved with Million Women Mentors in a variety of ways as she has continued to build and expand on her incredibly impressive career. A STEM leader and true role model herself, Gabriela Gonzalez has long been an advocate for mentoring in STEM, particularly for women and girls. As the Deputy Director of the Intel Foundation, she engages with stakeholders at all levels to promote meaningful STEM education outcomes.

During lunch we continued the tradition of an annual government panel moderated by National States Chair Sheila Boyington. This year the panel included:

  • Jenean Hampton, Lt. Governor, Kentucky
  • Anthony OwenChief State STEM Officer and State Director of Computer Science Education, Arkansas Department of Education
  • Jeff Weld, Senior Policy Advisor in STEM Education for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, United States

They discussed how robust mentoring programs improve state and federal economic growth from their personal experiences.

Workshop 1 – Program Design for STEM Mentoring

These sessions helped attendees better understand how to kick off a successful mentoring program or initiative regardless of role and sector.

Kicking Off a Successful Corporate Community Mentoring Program

Panel: Leaders from PepsiCo, Genentech, and Credit Suisse discussed how they have engaged their employees in mentoring an improving opportunities for women in STEM in their communities.

“STEM mentoring isn’t just about the science, it’s also about humanity. If you have a student that can’t focus, switch your thinking from ‘What’s wrong with you?’ to ‘What’s happened to you?’” — @genentech’s Ragnar Von Schiber on effective mentoring strategies at #MWMSummit2018

Making the Case for Corporate Community Mentoring to the C-Suite

Working Session: MENTOR presented the Business Case for Mentoring Report (produced in collaboration with EY), which discusses how to build the business case for a mentoring program to the C-Suite, followed by a facilitated working session where attendees build their own business case for their organization.

  • Daniel Horgan, Senior Director, Corporate Engagement, MENTOR

For more information about MENTOR and the work that they do please click here.

State Efforts Propelling the MWM Movement

Facilitated Workshop: State leaders with extensive MWM experience discussed how they are facilitating connecting mentors to mentees through different methods and walk the audience through a network building activity.

  • Tricia Berry, MWM-TX
  • Amanda Sverdarsky, MWM-MN
  • Beth Broome, MWM-CA
  • Moderator: Ronna-Renee Jackson, MWM-TN

Each of the state leaders spoke about the different methods that work for them including Texas and the work they are doing with their monthly newsletters, Minnesota with their Trailblazers, California and all the great work they are doing including partnering with Little Bits to distribute products to every 8 year-old girl in California.

How to be a Successful Role Model

MWM Partner organization Techbridge Girls discussed their Role Model training and the impact it is making to bring more women into STEM.

  • Meet Sharma-Holt, Vice President, Programs and Strategic Partnerships, Techbridge Girls
  • Jennifer Rivers, Program Manager, Professional Development, Techbridge Girls

“Jennifer Rivers shared key strategies on how to be a successful role model at #MWMSummit2018. The @techbridgegirls Role Models Matter Toolkit makes it super easy! #MWMentorIRL #mentorIRL”

Evaluating Mentoring Resources

Presentation/Working Session: Later this year, STEMconnector will be releasing a new Activation Kit and Resources Index to help members start or augment existing corporate community mentoring programs within their organization. The session allowed attendees to provide feedback to a draft version of the Activation Kit, which focuses on setting objectives and scope for a program, and we will continue to seek resources to include in the database on an ongoing basis. To submit a suggestion for the database, please click here:

  • Ashley Szofer, Senior Director, Communications and Partnerships, STEMconnector

For more information about the Mentoring Resources Index please contact

Workshop 2 – Case Studies in Effective Mentor Programming and Initiatives

These sessions helped dig into case studies/solution-generation around mentoring recruitment, employee buy-in and industry-specific initiatives.

Using a Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Prepare Girls for Future Jobs

Case Study: Tata Consultancy Services provided a TED-style presentation broadly discussing successes adopting a multi-stakeholder approach that brings together industry-specific mentorships to prepare girls for future jobs.

“During the #MWMSummit2018, our Magna Hadley, Global Head of our Healthcare Domain Practice, discussed successes in adopting a multi-stakeholder approach that brings together industry-specific mentorship to prepare girls for future jobs. #TCSEmpowers #MWMentors #GirlsInSTEM”

Building an Industry-Specific Mentoring Network

Presentation and Data-Sharing: Leaders from the Women in Insurance Initiative presented industry-wide best practices and data from across organizations that show opportunities and highlights for women across the insurance industry.

  • Margaret Resce Milkint, Managing Partner, Jacobson Group
  • Carol Zacharias, Underwriting Counsel, QBE Insurance
  • Catherine Lamson, SVP, Chief Administrative Officer, MEMIC

For the slide presentation presented please click here.

Best Practices from the Ground Up

Facilitated Workshop: State leaders shared unique best practices for MWM and work with those attending to share other best practices to begin creating additional resources for state efforts.

  • Jennifer Kopach, MWM-IL
  • Chris Wolfe, MWM-SC
  • Beverly Magda, MWM-PA
  • Moderator: Errika Moore, MWM-GA

“I am so proud to be part of this incredible group of women – I have learned so much from each of you about mentoring, leadership and collaboration! #MWMSummit2018 @JanaRieker #FourYearClub #STEM

Effective Practices in How We Shape STEM-Based Mentoring

Panel: MENTOR shared their latest research on STEM-based mentoring and how we can create specific opportunities for mentors with the STEM space.

  • Moderator: Michael Garringer, Director of Research and Evaluation, MENTOR
  • Jennie Mathur, Senior Learning Manager STEM, Girls, Inc.
  • Ragnar von Schiber, Associate Director, Corporate Citizenship, Genentech
Mentorship for New Entrepreneurs

Panel: Wells Fargo moderated a panel of mentors and mentees who have participated in the Million Women Mentors Entrepreneurs Initiative. Hear these STEM entrepreneurs share their experience of the program.

  • Moderator: Julie Logan, Business Initiative Consultant, Supplier Diversity/Chain Management, Wells Fargo
  • Mentees from the Entrepreneurs Initiative

To learn more information about the Wells Fargo Entrepreneurs Initiative and/or to get involved please click here.

Workshop 3 – Impact and Expansion: How to Measure Impact of Existing Programs and Strategically Expand

Participants in these sessions walked away with tangible resources and next steps for measuring the impact of their mentoring and volunteer programs and determining how to expand to new markets.

Building a Global Coalition

Presentation: PepsiCo walked the audience through how to build a global coalition around the importance of mentoring to create opportunities for women in STEM.

  • Cliona Murphy, Vice President of Research & Development, PepsiCo

“The STEM crisis is not just a technical problem to be solved; it’s a human problem. By unlocking potential for individuals and institutions and selling the emotional rewards of STEM which are for example: sustaining life, unlocking the mysteries of universe, and connecting people through technology, it proves STEM skills are critical instruments that help us flourish.” – Cliona Murphy

Mobilizing Employees for Impact

Case Study: BP walked the audience through their STEM Ambassadors Program, which provides opportunities for their employees to participate in local STEM-related events such as judging local science competitions, volunteer opportunities, and mentoring. They provided a framework for how organizations mobilize employees for impact using mentoring and beyond.

  • Kathleen Martinez, Senior Director, National Strategic Relationships & Initiatives, BP

“At @BP_America, we strongly believe in sharing. We freely give out our #STEM resources and encourage others to make them their own. It’s all about the kids.” – @kathleen_Mtz. We highly suggest the BP Guide to #Mentoring! Click here.

MWM 101 – Kicking Off Million Women Mentors

Panel: Sheila and Dane Boyington shared the on boarding process of getting started with MWM, from setting up a profile on the web portal, to matching employees with mentoring opportunities, to participating in the ‘Be Counted!’ Campaign.

  • Sheila Boyington, National States Chair
  • Dr. Dane Boyington, Senior Advisor, Technology
Equipping Organizations to Measure Impact

Presentation: MENTOR shared their Measurement Guidance Toolkit to help guide and equip mentoring programs with evaluation tools across multiple domains such as academic performance, social-emotional learning, and mental health.

  • Michael Garringer, Director of Research and Evaluation, MENTOR
Corporate STEM Volunteering Best Practices

Presentation: Cisco walked attendees through their large-scale, light touch volunteering Girls Power Tech Program. They focused on inclusiveness and mentoring with the company to approach volunteering in a holistic way. 

  • Edan Enriquez, Senior Manager, Community Relations, Cisco

For more information about the Girls Power Tech Program please click here.