The STEMconnector Team

A Note from Our CEO

When I joined STEMconnector, we set about re-evaluating the core propositions underlying the work underway to address the STEM readiness gap. The goal was to bring greater clarity to the challenges our diverse network of members faces, and to accelerate the efforts we have undertaken individually and collectively. With the release of State of STEM, our team has newly-framed the way we think about the STEM landscape, raising fundamental questions about the future of both education and work, and re-envisioning the problems and opportunities we are seeking to align around. It goes without saying that there are no silver bullets; the challenges we confront in readying a diverse workforce for the future are many and they are complex. Therefore, our goal is to provide the language, the data, and the tools to more deeply embed STEM efforts into a company’s core business strategy. To support this important work, STEMconnector employs a diverse group of talented, highly motivated, and driven professionals—each one dedicated to our mission and capable of thriving in the fast-paced ever-changing STEM workforce environment. Together, and with the support and contributions of our vast and talented network, we can and will achieve a sustainable STEM workforce.

Thank you,
Leslie Cruz

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