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Leaders in industry, education, and the nonprofit sector are often surprised by how difficult it is to find straightforward and reputable data about STEM outcomes from K-12 through postsecondary education and into the workforce. The data is complex and spread across many different sources, making it challenging to describe and understand the STEM talent ecosystem, and to make decisions about investments and action.

STEMconnector’s Presentation Builder addresses this need, offering our members high-quality and accessible research to answer their data questions and bolster their own business cases about the STEM talent pipeline.

The Presentation Builder offers two options to leverage the data. First, it includes full presentations that provide a holistic view of STEM issues. Second, it includes more than 50 individual slides that display a variety of key research points and well-designed graphs that can easily be included in presentations.

A few illustrative topics of the Presentation Builder include:

  • K-12 STEM: declining student interest, STEM proficiency rates, access to STEM resources
  • Postsecondary STEM: college student choices, outcomes, and attrition
  • The STEM Workforce: STEM job opportunities, STEM attrition, workplace diversity and inclusion

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Member Value Story

An executive leader of a national non-profit organization was struggling to find reputable research about the STEM workforce and statistics about STEM talent gaps to use in a presentation for a strategy workshop with his senior leadership team. STEMconnector’s Presentation Builder provided the member with several data visualizations, research about the growth of the STEM workforce and high attrition rates within STEM fields, and information about the nuances of the STEM talent gaps. This data helped to save time in the executive’s preparation for the strategy conversation and gave him several new pieces of information to prompt discussion.

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