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If you represent a media outlet with regional, national, or international reach, ask us about research—our innovation labs, our services, and our upcoming work. We can also arrange for interviews with our expert Product Development & Research team.

Contacts for reporters working on stories, and general information: Please contact us via email or call: 202-296-9222.

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Research & Resources
STEMconnector produces market insights for knowledge and practice, creating actionable analyses and scalable recommendations. Our research team draws input from inside and outside our member network, translating the latest findings from the field into accessible, relevant reports, case studies, briefs, and interactive tools. We use a range of secondary and primary research methods, drawing from the best thinking across disciplines and sectors. Click here to see the publicly available research.

STEMconnector members have access to members-only proprietary resources that allow them to interact more deeply with the research findings and apply them to their own STEM talent strategies, partnerships, and programs.

Input to Impact Report
STEMconnector’s network of leading executives are asking important questions in boardrooms, classrooms, and communities:

  • How will I know I’m successful in my investments and activities around STEM talent, from K-12 through postsecondary and into the workforce?
  • As an employer, how do I assess both business value and social impact through measurement of these efforts?
  • Which measures are most often used to assess progress towards STEM talent goals – and which should be used more often?

STEMconnector is developing a report for release in May 2019 to help answer these questions, entitled From Input to Impact: A Framework for Measuring Success Across the STEM EcosystemSTEMconnector’s State of STEM, released in 2018, redefined the current challenges in STEM talent, uncovering more nuance in the traditional understanding of the STEM talent gap. Input to Impact builds on that new understanding and seeks to redefine the way we view and measure success as we work to address these talent gaps. This report is intended to support those seeking to assess the impact of their investments and activity in STEM talent, informing decisions and enhancing outcomes.