2018 Innovation Lab Events


 The K-8 STEM Investments Innovation Lab aims to create stronger understanding of and business case for elementary school and middle school STEM education efforts among national corporate funders. This Lab will focus on student learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. 

This Innovation Lab will convene approximately 25-35 corporate funders in a full-day event. Participants will hear from subject matter experts, discuss topical research and data from STEMconnector and the field, and engage in hands-on activities. The workshop will enable participants to enrich their own understanding of the issues and develop a framework for supporting K-8 STEM education. Informed by insight from the Lab, STEMconnector will produce a white paper outlining key elements of the business case for such investments. 

 The K-8 STEM Investments Lab will identify and grapple with these tensions to create understanding and frameworks for action. 

Innovation Lab Benefits

STEMconnector Innovation Labs explore specific components of the STEM talent gaps and, through facilitated roundtable discussions, surface possible solutions. Objectives of the K-8 STEM Investments Innovation Lab include:

  • Strengthening understanding of the K-8 STEM education ecosystem, including relevant organizations, issues, and influences
  • Establishing the importance of investing upstream in the talent pipeline 
  • Identifying key challenges funders face in prioritizing K-8 STEM investments and outlining implications of not investing upstream in the talent pipeline
  • Building the framework for a white paper outlining elements of the business case for investment in K-8 STEM education efforts 

2018 Innovation Lab Events

In addition to the 2018 All Member STEMconnector Summit on May 18 in Washington, DC:

K-8 STEM Investments Innovation Lab Workshop
Hosted by CME Group

  • August 8, 2018
  • NYMEX in New York City
  • 300 Vesey St, New York, NY 10282

Sponsor Benefits:

Sponsors will play an important role in thought partnership and building momentum for the Innovation Lab Workshop as well as the follow-up deliverable. Specific benefits of the $25,000 sponsorship include:

  • Partnering with STEMconnector research staff to shape Innovation Lab content, including the agenda and participant list.
  • Opportunity to showcase own programming as a participant during the in-person Innovation Lab workshop.
  • Branding opportunity on collateral associated with the Innovation Lab meeting, including marketing materials, press releases, and presentations.
  • Through leadership and branding opportunity through the post-Lab deliverables, a new STEMconnector-produced white paper focused on the business case for corporate investments in K-8 STEM (target release: Q4 2018).

Participant Benefits:

Participants in the Lab are current leaders in industry interested in learning more about the nature and importance of K-8 STEM investments. These participants are collaborative in nature, realizing that working with others in the field will bring more change that working alone.

Participants in the Innovation Lab Workshop on August 8th will:

  • Actively engage in facilitated conversations with leading funders in the K-8 STEM space
  • Gain insights from cutting-edge research and data presented by field leaders
  • Leave the Lab with at least one new idea to apply in their own practices and partnerships in the K-8 STEM ecosystem
  • Shape the business case for K-8 STEM investments, informing a new STEMconnector-produced white paper for target release in Q4 2018

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