2018 Innovation Lab Events 


February 28, 2019
Hosted by Abbott

Chicago, IL

The Postsecondary Pathways Lab is committed to defining and building connections across the pathways that create opportunity for all young people to enter the STEM workforce, especially those growing up in underserved or underresourced communities. Members of this Innovation Lab are seeking to learn from each other and the broader field to: 

  • Identify false or unproductive narratives around pathways for young people 
  • Create better clarity, connectivity, and flexibility around these pathways 
  • Understand modern student population characteristics and how they inform organizational practice 
  • Explore trends in the future of work and how all sectors can respond to its rapid changes 

 The Postsecondary Pathways Lab will wrestle with these projections by bringing industry and postsecondary together to identify and grapple with the varied needs and goals of each sector. 

Innovation Lab Benefits

STEMconnector Innovation Labs explore specific components of the STEM talent gaps and, through facilitated roundtable discussions, surface possible solutions. Benefits of Labs include opportunities to: 

  • Share perspectives in focused, relevant, and structured meetings informed by STEMconnector’s proprietary research and data, 
  • Connect with leaders from across sectors and geographies, and 
  • Contribute ideas to create strategies and actionable resources to be shared across the STEMconnector network and the broader STEM community. 

Participants of the Lab Have Included:

  • Austin Community College 
  • Battelle 
  • BP 
  • Chevron 
  • Cognizant 
  • Des Moines Area Community College
  • DLR Group 
  • Florida International University
  • Howard University
  • IBM 
  • Olin College of Engineering 
  • PepsiCo 
  • Rutgers University 
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County