The STEM Innovation Task Force (SITF) is a thought leadership and action council comprised of more than 30 private sector and education leaders focused on collaborative approaches to address the STEM talent shortfall gap. The SITF views the STEM challenge through the lens of the private sector and develops solutions that prepare the next-generation workforce with necessary capabilities for the jobs of tomorrow. To address these challenges, the SITF established three major campaigns, STEM 2.0, STEM Career Accelerator and the Global STEM Talent Summit. The SITF also publishes research-based white papers on STEM that advance capabilities such as career-focused experiential learning, STEM 2.0 and its effectiveness on student learning outcomes and career preparation.


Accelerating sustainable STEM careers and wealth through Innovation Science and Excellence in tomorrow’s new economy. Based on research from the demand-side perspective, SITF develops programmatic solutions that help prepare future generations with the specific skills needed for a successful STEM career combined with world-class innovation excellence.


2016 Priority Initiatives:

STEM 2.0 is a leading strategy of the SITF called “STEM 2.0 in Action”. This initiative concentrates on identifying critical career capabilities students require (in addition to traditional STEM education referred to as STEM 1.0) for successful STEM careers in the future. The SITF determined three vital capability platforms including Digital Fluency, Innovation Excellence and Employability Skills. These platforms align with Industry demands for career job readiness and the education system for engagement and delivery channels. The STEM 2.0 initiative links the STEM Food & Ag Council to ensure specific capabilities in the food and agriculture industry are developed for the future. The SITF convenes expert roundtables, Town Halls and publishes a white paper series with leading recommendations for government, education and the private sector to bridge STEM capabilities necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s new economy.

The Global STEM Talent Summit Initiative

In 2016, The Global STEM Talent Summit Initiative (GSTS) was the first ever employer led summit and true turning point as we fully transitioned from STEM theory into action. GSTS implemented a 3-year strategic roadmap and action platforms that deliver short, mid and long-term impact. Priority topics include Skilling and Upskilling, Career Focused Experiential Learning, successful private/public partnerships, Digital Fluency and Tech Talent for All. With these disciplines, GSTS has become the leading authority in STEM talent development strategies and premier networking peer-exchange In 2017, GSTS and over 40 strategic partners ( 75+ by 2018) with combined revenues of more than $2 trillion and 6 million employees will move beyond conventional wisdom by defining next practice strategies for short-term STEM talent development and the impact on business performance.

“Companies that want a deep insight and analysis regarding solutions to the STEM talent shortfall need look no further than the Global STEM Talent Summit”
–Al Bunshaft, SVP, Global Affairs, Dassault Systemes

STEM Career Accelerator

STEM Career Accelerator (STEMCA) is a national campaign and series of concurrent events during the month of October designed to engage students, parents and teachers with career focused experiential learning.Employers, and educators across the nation host campaigns that inspire 30,000+ 8-12th gradestudents to pursue careers in STEM fields. While many companies around the globe facilitate similar events each year, STEM Career Accelerator is the first campaign that unites these efforts under a common banner through coordinated communication platforms and universal evaluation tools.

“Deloitte is proud to serve as the Chair of STEMCA! We look forward to coordinating this important campaign at the national level, as well as hosting an event unique to Deloitte. The most important attribute of STEM CA is the ability to leverage the strengths of multiple organizations to inspire the maximum number of students towards careers in STEM.”
–Tonie Leatherberry, Principal, Deloitte

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