Leslie Cruz Reflects on Early STEM Lessons and Looks to 2018 & #TheStateOfSTEM

by STEMconnector

It’s been 6 months since I joined STEMconnector, and I continue to be energized by the passion and impact of the extensive STEM community and the potential of our collective efforts. Through the conversations I’ve had with this incredible community, we’ve identified two major principles guiding STEMconnector’s work.

First, that no one sector has a monopoly on the STEM talent pipeline — partnership across boardrooms, classrooms & community is key to continued progress.

Second, that sustainable and positive change happens locally in communities and can be accelerated through shared mission and approach.

I’m excited to announce a new project that embodies those principles. With a planned release in March 2018, the “State of STEM” report will take a broad look at the many organizations, systems, challenges, and opportunities in STEM nationwide, informed by qualitative and quantitative research across sectors. We seek to deliver a clear, comprehensive, fact-based understanding of the STEM system, new insights into the trends and challenges around STEM, and strategic direction for STEM investments and practice.

This report will reach institutional and system leaders—both inside and outside the STEMconnector network—in the corporate, PK-12, postsecondary, and nonprofit sectors who have business or organizational interest in STEM. We anticipate that the STEM system map will be useful to those working both nationally and locally to build their STEM talent pipelines.

To create the system map and strategic framework, we will gather input from our members via interviews and events.  We will also interview subject matter experts and review secondary data from research institutions, government, industry, PK-12 education, postsecondary education, and other sectors. We will also be informed by the voice of students themselves. Stay tuned to STEMdaily and our Facebook and Twitter pages for a survey of the STEMconnector digital audience, as well as #TheStateOfSTEM.

We are excited to deliver this report as a platform for discussion and action throughout 2018.

by Leslie Cruz, CEO of STEMconnector