Ellen Sabin (Watering Can Press): STEM Educators and Foundations and Companies that Support Them…

by STEMconnector

By Ellen Sabin, Founder of Watering Can Press

Everyone wants to equip children with the tools to succeed in life. Engaging children in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is important for their futures.

Research shows that the earlier we expose children to STEM education, the more we can maximize its effectiveness and significant benefits. Creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, and innovative thinking begin with the power of imagination. Tools that nurture imagination in young minds are essential. Girls and boys who embrace their ability to discover will feel more empowered. Studies have shown that imaginative people are happier, better able to handle life’s twists and turns, and more secure. Further, the skills they develop in this exploration create a stronger foundation for succeeding in life and thriving in rewarding careers.

Given the importance of educating children on STEM, it becomes equally important to support STEM educators!

Teachers and schools, with limited time in the day and an array of National and State Content Standards, must find inspiring ways to engage children in STEM while meeting many other obligations.

One tool that can support educators, inspire children, and align with corporate outreach programs is The Imagine It Book: Discover, Create and Invent Our Amazing Future. This book offers an interactive tool that engages 6-12 year olds in creative and fun ways to develop their interest and skills in STEM. Children will strengthen their worldview and character as they learn to question, collaborate, take risks, and solve problems. This book allows children to become the co-author while building a lifelong foundation of confidence and knowledge to express their ideas, look for solutions to tomorrow’s problems, and use their creativity and talent to make a difference in the world.

The Imagine It Book has and can be sponsored by School Foundations, Corporate Foundations or Corporate Outreach Programs to land in the hands of children in classrooms. The Free Teacher’s Guide provides a valued resource for educators using the book in classrooms. It includes eight lesson plans that link the book to National and State Content Standards in: technology, history, language arts, math, life skills, character education, and science… helping STEM focus to be incorporated in many different classrooms and disciplines.

Companies seeking ways to support STEM education can donate supplies and simultaneously reach young minds, inspire household conversations, and support STEM educators.

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