Fears and questions over Brexit’s impact on talent (TechCrunch)

by Tommy Cornelis

Fears and questions over Brexit’s impact on talent

While UK tech founders continue to try to second guess what ‘Brexit means Brexit’ actually means for the future of immigration and access to talent, the UK’s digital minister, Matt Hancock, has confirmed it will not mean a clone of the Australian points-based immigration system – despite politicians frequently citing this system as a possible model for the UK to adopt during the Brexit campaign.

“The Prime Minister has essentially ruled out the Australian-based system precisely,” said the minster in response to a question about the future of the UK’s immigration policy, post-Brexit. Hancock was speaking during a panel debate about the impact of Brexit here at TechCrunch Disrupt London.

“Of course there’ll be a plan put in place,” he added — avoiding divulging any detail on what exactly that plan might be.

But at least we know exactly what it won’t be: Australia’s immigration system.

Balderton partner, James Wise, who was also on the panel, discussed the results of a survey the VC firm had conducted ahead of the conference, asking its UK portfolio companies what concerned them most about Brexit. Unsurprisingly the startups’ biggest fear is continued access to talent.

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