IBM’s Watson Now Fights Cybercrime in the Real World (WIRED)

by Tommy Cornelis

IBM’s Watson Now Fights Cybercrime in the Real World (WIRED)

You may know Watson as IBM’s Jeopardy-winning, cookbook-writing, dress-designing, weather-predictingsupercomputer-of-all trades. Now it’s embarking on its biggest challenge yet: Preventing cybercrime in finance, healthcare, and other fields.

Starting today, 40 organizations will rely upon the clever computers cognitive power to help spot cybercrime. The Watson for Cybersecurity beta program helps IBM too, because Watson’s real-world experience will help it hone its skills and work within specific industries. After all, the threats that keep security experts at Sun Life Financial up at night differ from those that spook the cybersleuths at University of New Brunswick.

Watson isn’t starting from scratch here. IBM researchers started training Watson in the fundamentals of cybersecurity last spring so the computer could begin to analysize and prevent threats. Now it graduates to real-world situations to further hone its skills. Think of it as the world’s smartest intern.

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