Student CS education group wins Google funding (Yale Daily News)

by Tommy Cornelis

Student CS education group wins Google funding

Code Haven, an organization that brings Yale students to local New Haven schools for weekly coding lessons, has been awarded $6,000 by Google’s IgniteCS program.

According to its website, Google’s IgniteCS is a computer science education program aimed at making young students passionate about computer science. The program provides funding and resources for college students to impact their local communities through computer science mentorship.

The idea for Code Haven began when David Weinreb, a bilingual middle school teacher at New Haven’s Fair Haven School, met Nathaniel Granor ’09 at the 2016 Education Leadership Conference at the School of Management this past April, according to Weinreb. Granor works at Microsoft as a Lead Program Manager for TEALS, a Microsoft philanthropic project that aims to bring computer science education to every high school in America.

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