STEM in Military

When it comes to serving your country, the work of protection begins long before the frontline. The military is a high-tech operation using computers in many areas of operation, and the military’s need for professionals in STEM continues to grow. Some of the top STEM jobs in the military include:

Information Security Analyst

Cyber-attacks are a threat at home and abroad and the need for information security analysts to plan and execute measures to protect the armed forces is at an all-time high. Monitoring cybercrime, investigating threats, and helping members of the military understand and avoid attacks are just a few of the functions in high demand for informational security analysts. 

Computer Network Architects

Requiring an extensive knowledge of software, hardware, cybersecurity practices, as well as communication and presentation skills, the job of a computer network architect is sought after as the need for cloud-based infrastructure expands. 

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers work around the world building, operating, designing, and maintaining construction projects such as bridges, buildings, tunnels, roads, sewage-treatment systems, and more. Specializing in construction, geotechnical, structural, or transportation engineering, civil engineers are involved from start to finish on a project. 

Environmental Engineers

In the military, environmental engineers work to reduce health hazards and create safe, healthy, working conditions by analyzing environmental concerns. Environmental engineers address problems like pollution control, unsafe drinking water, and climate change. 

The U.S. Armed Forces, including the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) regularly hosts learning sessions and competitions and promote mentorships between students and people who work in STEM. The Air Force promotes STEM education, and partners with outside STEM programs benefitting more than 200,000 students each year.

The Navy offers its Navy Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program, for incoming college students interested in pursuing majors in math, engineering, physics or chemistry. And a Civil Engineer Collegiate Program, offering opportunities for college students interested in civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering.

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