STEMconnector Supports Diversity & Inclusion

“The greatest achievement of humanity is not its works of art, science or technology, but the recognition of its own dysfunction.”

-Eckhart Tolle

We are proud that STEMconnector’s chief mission has always been to create a diverse and inclusive workforce which empowers people from all walks of life to change the world for the better. We have drawn strength from having built an empowered community that works for the good of everyone.

Because of our mission-driven ethos, we feel it is our duty to speak up and proudly proclaim that we stand beside anyone who has been victimized by racism and oppression. STEMconnector remains committed to any and all work that is required to bring about change across our great country.

Our continuing commitment to diversity and inclusion remains our focus. Diversity is not just something to be achieved or talked about or hypothesized; it is the source of life for STEMconnector.

We encourage our STEM community to take a moment to silently reflect on the lives lost due to systemic dysfunction. The team at STEMconnector is committed to being a part of the solution: We stand for dignity, respect and equal treatment under the law–period.

This special edition features partners committed to reform and those taking steps to acknowledge the pain and honor the humanity of those who CAN’T BREATHE:

#GeorgeFloyd- for $20

#AmaudArbery- while running

#BothemSean and #AtatianaJefferson- while relaxing at home

#JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride-  after asking for help after a car crash

#StephonClark-  holding a cellphone

#JordanEdwards- leaving a party

#JordanDavis-  listening to loud music

#AltonSterling- selling CD’s on the street

#AiyanaJones- age 7- awaked during home raid

#MikeBrown- arrested on way home from store

#TamirRice- age 12   playing cops and robbers in a park

#Charleston9- praying in church, but their killer arrested unharmed

#TrayvonMartin- walking home after purchasing skittles

#SeanBell-  holding a hairbrush after leaving his own bachelor party

#OscarGrant- coming home on New Year’s eve

#SandraBland- stopped for mere traffic violation

#PhilandoCastile- announced he had legal/registered firearm during traffic stop

#CoreyJones- car broke down on public road

#JohnCrawford- age 22 – examining merchandise at a retail store

#TerrenceCrutcher – standing with his disabled vehicle

#KeithScott-reading book in car

#CliffordGlover- age 10 -walking grandfather

#ClaudeReese- decorating for a party

#RandyEvans- age 15- asked a police officer a question

#YvonneSmallwood- attempting to cash a check

#AmadouDiallo- opening his front door and reaching for his wallet/keys

#WalterScott- running

#EricGarner- selling cigarettes

#FreddieGray- possessed a switchblade ; and

#ChristianCooper- who amazingly survived asking someone to follow the law.

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