Students Step into the Role of Fire Investigator with New, Free STEM Module

by brian jackson

A new STEM module from UL Xplorlabs is connecting classrooms to safety engineering solutions through the unlikely medium of fire.

Yes, fire!

In the Next Generation Science Standards-aligned module, Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence, students work alongside fire research engineers as a fire investigator-in-training to learn how claims, evidence and reasoning play into an investigation. Students’ skills are put to the test when they conduct their own independent investigation into the origin and cause of a fire, using a dynamic, 360⁰ view of a kitchen burn scene. Students are then challenged to compare their independent investigation results with those of their peers from around the world.

UL Xplorlabs allows students to solve real-world problems through science and engineering, right in your classroom. Each module focuses on a specific topic and contains content-rich experiential elements like interactive videos, hands-on activities, and collaborative classroom challenges — allowing your students to investigate, experiment, and solve, just like scientists. The platform is designed to help educators and students use scientific inquiry to ask why a phenomenon happens, connect the phenomenon with real-life engineering challenges, and apply relevant safety science that ultimately helps to foster solutions. All elements in UL Xplorlabs’ modules can be easily incorporated into middle school science, engineering, math and technology curricula.

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