Talent Acquisition & Development Innovation Lab
November 8, 2018

Highlights from the Lab

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STEMconnector’s Senior Director of Product Development & Research Erin White shared an overview of the STEM talent retention landscape and provided insight on key drivers of attrition that companies can work to correct.
Some key data points from her presentation include:
  • 70% of employees say training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company, and 87% of millennials say PD and career growth are significant factors to even accepting a job.
  • Unfairness-based turnover in tech is a $16B per year problem – and nearly 2/3 of leavers indicate they would have stayed if their employer fixed the toxic culture.
  • Companies that invest in employee training enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those that spend less

National Grid’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Cynthia Angulo, shared the many ways National Grid is working to better understand their workforce, and the programs and opportunities they have implemented to develop their pipeline. Programs include the Engineering Pipeline Program for high school students to translate their interest in STEM into future careers in engineering, and their Graduate Development Programs which targets recent college graduates and prepares early career professionals for future leadership roles within the organization.

“Programs like our Summer Intern program or our many STEM partnerships allow us to engage not only our existing workforce, but the future one as well. – Cynthia Angulo, National Grid

Thoughts on Corporate Culture:

“It’s hard to have one unique culture when you have such a huge company, but one thing that is consistent at Prudential is a focus on corporate citizenship. Our culture is around leaving the places where we live and work better than we found them.” – Ignace Conic, Prudential
“Sometimes when you have a lot of legacy employees, it’s hard for new employees to fit into those cultures. We need to be flexible about culture to make room for new ideas and ways of doing things.” – Rachael Bourque, Pearson

Drivers of Attrition and Successful Approaches to Retention:

We heard many innovative ideas for what organizations across sectors are doing to improve retention based on some common drivers of attrition. We’re following up directly on some of the ideas in the room that were shared and will soon share out a set of “Artifacts” to help others build on those programs and ideas such as:
  • Stay Interviews
  • Trailing Spouse Programs
  • MWM Daughters Program
If you have additional artifacts that we should share, or details on what you shared in the room, please reply to this email or write Erin directly and we will be sure to include those! Erin.White@STEMconnector.com