2018 Innovation Lab Events


 The STEM Talent Acquisition & Development Lab is committed to addressing immediate talent needs, driving corporate competitiveness, productivity, and growth in the dynamic global economy. This Lab will wrestle with corporate talent acquisition approaches, focusing on the communication, coordination, and strategic alignment challenges across business, technical, human resource, and organizational learning functions. While other Labs focus on hiring recent graduates, this Lab will focus on needs for more experienced talent, including development and retention of incumbent employees to meet emerging business priorities. 

Lab Objectives

 Members of this Innovation Lab are seeking to learn from each other and the broader field to: 

  • Surface both new and proven employee acquisition approaches in competitive STEM fields 
  • Explore development and retention strategies that can create greater value for STEM employers and employees 
  • Re-envision internal corporate practices to better achieve both talent and business goals 

Why STEM Talent Acquisition & Development?

Innovation Lab Benefits

The STEM Talent Acquisition & Development Innovation Lab gives participants the unique opportunity to work alongside different functions from within their own companies, as well as with other companies facing STEM talent challenges, to:

  • Learn from STEMconnector’s proprietary research and data alongside that of our partners, including insights from the Society for Human Resource Management.
  • Share their own best practices and identify ways to bring to scale. 
  • Surface possible solutions through facilitated roundtable discussions, identifying key deliverables that can support own practice and others. 
  • Position organization as a pioneering leader in STEM talent acquisition and development through branding and marketing opportunities throughout the year.

2018 Innovation Lab Events

In addition to the 2018 All Member STEMconnector Summit on May 18 in Washington, DC, members are invited to:

Innovation Lab Workshop
July 10, 2018
Washington, DC

Lab Participants

This Lab is designed to maximize value for both business and human resource functions. As such, we request that participant companies structure delegations who represent both functions. This will allow for both inter- and intra- company learning and practice.