U.S. Army and Ten80 Support STEM Education for 10,000 Students Nationwide

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This is a press release from Ten80 and the U.S. Army

ALRINGTON, Va., Nov. 10, 2016 (PRNewswire) | This year, nearly 10,000 students will discover the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as core drivers for successful careers through the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Army in conjunction with the U.S. Army National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Racing team.

Discover how Ten80 and the U.S. Army support career goals for students: [watch the video below].

At these challenges, students work alongside U.S. Army Soldiers, competing in a series of mental exercises that test their critical thinking skills and parallel the advanced training required of both U.S. Army Soldiers and the U.S. Army Racing team. The U.S. Army and Ten80 Education invite students to learn about STEM through panel discussions with thought leaders, competitions and interactive workshops that focus on enterprise topics such as: coding, robotics, racing, intellectual property, leadership and the art of marketing.

“The U.S. Army’s partnership with Ten80 Education enables us to reach thousands of high school students to emphasize the importance of science, technology, engineering and math education,” said Mark S. Davis, ‎deputy assistant secretary of the Army (Marketing). “The U.S. Army is the Nation’s most versatile and innovative organization. STEM skills are essential to our success. In partnership with Ten80 Education, the U.S. Army continues to leverage its scientific expertise to help educate students across America.”

This year’s final event sponsored by the U.S. Army is STEMFest which is an amplified Ten80 experience with attendance surpassing 1,300 students on Nov. 9 in Miami, Florida. The event communicates the importance of STEM while helping students visualize the comparison to Army careers, specifically from leading experts at the U.S. Army Game Studio in Huntsville, Alabama, as panelists discuss next-generation mobile applications, virtual reality and computer programing.

“Much like U.S. Army Soldiers, STEM students are problem-solvers with a heightened interest in innovation,” said chief executive officer and president of Ten80 Education, Terri Stripling. “The Army is committed to education initiatives and advanced technology, making the partnership with Ten80 a natural fit for both organizations.”

The Student Racing Challenges inspire students to engage in STEM learning, providing them with opportunities to cultivate the confidence that comes from knowing how to effectively answer hard questions and skillfully tackle the problems of tomorrow. To learn more, visit

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