Who We Are:

STEMconnector® is the nation’s largest research-driven professional services company dedicated to connecting cross-sector leaders with a passion and vision for the STEM workforce.

What We Do:

STEMconnector works with members to:

Optimize Workforce Investments

Create Connections

Amplify Brands

We focus on the entire talent pipeline, from cradle to career, on diversifying STEM talent across race, ethnicity, gender, and geography.

Who We Serve:

The STEMconnector client network includes leading companies, academic institutions, government entities, and nonprofit organizations who are actively working at local, national, and global levels to advance STEM education and transform the future of human capital.

Additional STEMconnector offerings:

Million Women Mentors (MWM) is a national and global movement to spark the interest and confidence in women and girls to pursue STEM careers and leadership opportunities through the power of mentoring.

Day of Design is a service that connects corporations to their future workforce and positions them as a STEM employer of choice, offering opportunities for local connections as well as a national presence.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the STEM talent ecosystem:

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