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About Us

STEMconnector is a professional services firm committed to increasing the number of STEM-ready (Science Technology Engineering Math) workers in the global talent pool. Using our technology platform and mobile technology, you can engage leaders in both public and private sectors who are collectively re-envisioning the workforce. Working with pioneering leaders across over 200 organizations, our overall goal is to inform, stimulate and connect leaders with a passion for and vested interest in growing a STEM-ready workforce.

Extensive Network Powered by Technology

25+ Million Students

3.5+ miliion educators

200+ organizations

2.6 million STEM jobs

Award-winning location based mobile platform

Our Mission

At STEMconnector, we believe challenges are better solved collaboratively than independently. Our network of leaders from pioneering STEM organizations are committed to coming together and developing strategies that build, attract, and retain a sustainably diverse STEM workforce.

Million Women Mentors is a global movement to spark interest and confidence in girls and women to pursue STEM careers and leadership through mentorship.

Day of Design is a service that connects corporations to their future workforce and positions them as a STEM employer of choice.

Meet The Team

Jo Webber

President and CEO

Renee Aaron

Sales Development Representative

Ted Wells

Vice President, Client Services

Amy Etten

Vice President, Client Services

Cindy Ziker

Head of Research

Bethanie Wisniewski

Program Manager

CW Warwick


Kylie Messier

Manager, Events and Marketing Programs

Miguel Soler

Marketing Specialist

Maya Knighton

Marketing Coordinator

Chris Ott

Head of Product

Olya Pashchenko

Head of UI/UX

Casey Tobia


Advisory Board

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