2021 Connected Storm Sanctuary Competition

Nearly 200 students from across Milwaukee, Tulsa, and Chicago engaged with the Connected Storm Sanctuary – Day of Design challenge where students learned the power of cellular technology to keep communities connected when they need it most. Hosted by UScellular, the 2021 Connected Storm Sanctuary – Day of Design challenge, in partnership with JASON Learning, virtually brought together 5th-10th graders to bring ideas to life in video presentations. The students learned how cell phones work, the importance of cell towers, and how to prepare for real life disasters while staying connected to friends and families.

Students from schools in Chicago and Tulsa went on to compete in a virtual experience. The students rose to the challenge, creating video presentations of their ideas. Thru competing in this challenge, students are inspired to be the next generation of digital problem solvers.

Focused on connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts with real world, real time challenges and real careers, the students presented their ideas via videos, using skills learned through this program.

The winning team from Tulsa Public Schools: Team Fighting Spiders made up of three sixth grade students. The team’s solution to the problem included cell towers that are protected underground during natural disasters.

The winning team from Chicago Public Schools made up of 8th graders was 3rd Period: Group 5. The team’s solution included a mobile app that allowed friends and families to stay connected during a natural disaster as well as find nearby shelters.

“We are committed to helping provide quality STEM engagements for students to learn about the world around them, while inspiring them to prepare for the jobs of the future,” said Deirdre Drake, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer for UScellular. “Congratulations to all the students and teachers who pivoted to online learning this year and found ways to get and stay engaged.”

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