Bioindustrial Manufacturing – Made in the USA

Bioindustrial Manufacturing - Made in the USA

STEMconnector's latest ebook, funded by BioMADE, explores how innovation in bioindustrial technologies is creating breakthrough products and technologies. The ebook highlights companies, opportunities for innovation, and the STEM pathways that are shaping bioindustrial manufacturing.

Modern biotechnology is creating breakthrough products and technologies to reduce our environmental footprint, feed the hungry, use less and cleaner energy, and have cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes. Bioindustrial manufacturing is growing rapidly in response to the innovation generated from the biotech sector.

As the bioeconomy is poised for enormous growth over the coming decades, driving increased demand for a diverse STEM-skilled workforce. Career opportunities abound in bioindustrial manufacturing to create new products that will reduce our carbon footprint, expand U.S. manufacturing, and accelerate our economy.

This ebook is a free downloadable resource for exploring today's bioindustrial manufacturing industry and the career opportunities within.

Designed for educators and students alike, we invite you to discover the STEM pathways that lead to an exciting career in bioindustrial technologies!

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