Million Women Mentors Corporate – Community Mentoring Playbook

Million Women Mentors Corporate - Community Mentoring Playbook

Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to engage girls and women in STEM. Mentoring provides positive role models and demonstrates STEM careers are rewarding, meaningful and most importantly, achievable career opportunities where they can thrive.

Establishing a corporate community STEM mentoring program allows companies to increase employee engagement, make a positive impact on the community and engage the next generation of STEM talent. Mentoring is a great way to engage employee skills and build a culture of learning, professional development and giving back to the community. In return, a community mentoring program provides brand awareness and impact that fuels a diverse and robust STEM talent pipeline for the future.

This corporate-community mentoring playbook is designed to help you through the phases of developing a successful corporate community mentoring program. In this playbook you will find recommendations, tools and frameworks to set you and your corporate mentoring program up for success.

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