Million Women Mentors Webinar: International Women’s Day

Million Women Mentors Webinar: International Women's Day


During this webinar, in celebration of International Women's Day, Sheila Boyington, MWM National States Chair, Orietta Verdugo, Intel, Smita Corley, PepsiCo, Kathleen Martinez, Bp, and Katherine Maloney, Infosys Foundation, provided valuable perspectives on their experiences and the work their organizations are doing to empower women in STEM.

From Orietta's journey as a first-generation college graduate to Smita's dedication to mentoring women in technology, each story was a testament to the impact women can have in the STEM field.

Katherine Maloney highlighted the efforts of the Infosys Foundation to support educators and provide girls with exposure to STEM, emphasizing the importance of creativity and mentorship. Kathleen Martinez discussed BP's focus on providing access, support, and mentorship to individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring gender parity and support for women in STEM careers.

It's clear that these organizations are deeply committed to advancing women and girls in STEM, and it's encouraging to see the innovative programs and initiatives being implemented!

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