Place Based Considerations for Developing a STEM Workforce

Place Based Considerations for Developing a STEM Workforce

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In today's world, change is the only constant. America at Work: A National Mosaic and Roadmap for Tomorrow, published by Walmart in partnership with McKinsey & Company, examines the capacity of different communities to respond to change - in this case, automation, which is drastically changing the face and pace of work - and develop responses that will position said communities to survive and thrive in a changing economy.

On this webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from the report's authors about why and how they developed this report, key perspectives on responses to automation trends and lessons learned, and how geographic considerations are relevant to the ecosystem of stakeholders engaged in developing a diverse STEM workforce.


Bryan Hancock, Partner McKinsey & Company

Sean Thurman, Director, Global Public Policy Walmart

Attendees will come away from the webinar with:

  • An understanding of what it means for a community to be resilient, and how resiliency relates to a community's ability to respond to the changing face and pace of work;
  • A framework for selecting and developing STEM workforce interventions based on community resiliency characteristics; and
  • An appreciation for the importance of cross-sector collaboration in creating successful community STEM workforce development efforts.

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