STEMconnector Virtual Event Series

STEMconnector Virtual Event Series


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges society faces today, and will continue into the future if left untouched – but what if STEM was the key to save the planet?

On April 20th, 2021, STEMconnector hosted a virtual event titled “STEM in the World: How STEM Will Save the Planet” that clearly framed the issues surrounding climate change and how the STEM community holds the talent, resources, and knowledge needed to produce impactful change for generations to come. In this hour-long virtual event, attendees were presented with valuable insights into the climate change crisis from some of today’s leading researchers, academics, and thought leaders to confront this challenge head-on.

Between an insightful panel discussion and Q&A session, participants examined these collective challenges and proposed solutions for driving change through collaboration, engaging the youth, and technological advancements. What was made abundantly clear is that it is going to require individuals coming together as a team in order to produce change for a challenge of this magnitude.

We are grateful for the panel’s participation and to everyone who made this webinar a success including:

  • Dr. Ronda Hamm, Ph.D. Global Academic Relations, Corteva Agriscience
  • Dr. Tiffany G. Troxler, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environment & Director of Science, Sea Level Solutions Center, Institute of Environment, an FIU Preeminent Program, Florida International University
  • Dr. Suzanne Simons, Ed.D. Senior Director, Content and Curriculum Innovation, National Geographic Society
  • Christiane Maertens, Founder, DoGoodery (panel moderator)
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