STEMconnector & SLECOP Webinar: Community Colleges

STEMconnector & SLECOP Webinar: Community Colleges


“When we're looking at partnerships, the key item is common objectives and interests.” - Murphy-Ortega, Chevron

Across the country, community colleges are powerful, if underutilized, resources. Community colleges offer secondary education and career pathways without the financial burdens of four-year colleges. They offer flexibility in scheduling and pace, better school-life balance. And importantly, community colleges offer a multitude of STEM education programs that are in demand by employers everywhere. They offer associate degrees and stackable credentials in STEM industries that are growing exponentially.

But how can surrounding communities better take advantage of these valuable resources?

And, conversely, how can community colleges better serve the students, businesses, and stakeholder organizations that support them?

A panel of experts from industry and postsecondary education addressed those questions in the webinar Community Colleges - Accelerating STEM Learning and Catalyzing Community Resources.

Special thanks to our speakers:

  • Dr. Scott Ralls, President, Wake Technical College
  • Beth Broome, Senior Advisor to the Provost for STEM Strategy, University of California Davis
  • Maria Reyes, Dean of Industry and Public Service, Phoenix College
  • Cynthia Murphy-Ortega, Manager, University Partnerships and Association Relations, Chevron
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