The Food & Ag Careers Innovation Lab is a membership group, coordinated by STEMconnector, with the goal of engaging the next generation in STEM careers in food and agriculture. The Lab has the bold vision of developing the requisite human capital that will drive the innovation necessary to sustainably feed over nine billion people by 2050. The Lab convenes key players from industry, non-profits, higher education and the public sector in order to maximize impact through collective action.
With the global population expected to reach nine billion individuals in 2050, feeding the planet is one of the greatest challenges for the future. Technology and applied sciences hold the key to solving this problem. Unfortunately, the supply of students going into the food and agriculture industry is lower than the demand. 39% of food and agriculture jobs will need to be filled by students without formal preparation in the field. Young people need to be made aware of the great career opportunities that exist in the food and agriculture sectors. Not only does industry support high-paying professional careers, it also allows students the opportunity to help solve one of the greatest problems facing future generations.
The Food & Ag Careers Innovation Lab is organized and administered by an Executive Committee, consisting of a diverse group of membership organizations. There are currently two Working Groups, each tasked with duties surrounding the various Lab actions:
  • User Experience – One ongoing project of the Lab is FeedNourishThrive.org, a website launched to help those currently making decisions about their future explore various interesting and fulfilling STEM careers in food and agriculture. This Group’s focus is to ensure that content is creative, interesting and consistently updated, and to modify the site as needed to improve the user experience.
  • Outreach Events – It is important to the work of the Lab that young people making career choices are able to be a part of the conversation. This Group organizes and implements outreach, often in conjunction with other organizations and events, for live, in-person and webcast conversations between current and future STEM food and agriculture leaders.



Together, as fully committed leaders and professionals, the Food & Ag Careers Innovation Lab will engage America’s youth, educators and parents to inspire, nurture and engage them in their discovery and pursuit of STEM Food & Agriculture careers.

The professionals that fill these careers will be the individuals helping feed the world through innovations in science and technology. The Food & Ag Careers Innovation Lab convenes the key players from industry, non-profits, higher education and government in order to maximize impact through collective action.

Why is the Food & Ag Careers Innovation Lab important?

The Food & Ag Careers Innovation Lab is a unique coalition of members from across the food and agriculture ecosystem. Focusing on preparing the future workforce and driven by industry, the Lab is able to leverage the collective action of many organizations to affect real change in STEM education. A single college, university, corporation or youth-serving organization can not ensure a healthy, active ecosystem. Only with participation from everyone, which is the ultimate strength of the Lab, can we prepare young people to feed the world.


Feed Nourish Thrive

Launched by the STEM Food & Ag Council (former name of the Lab), Feed, Nourish, Thrive is an initiative to help those currently making decisions about their future explore the various interesting and fulfilling STEM careers in food and agriculture. Feed, Nourish, Thrive’s vision is to create a portal with dynamic content to engage young people about opportunities in food and agriculture that: sustainably feed the more than 9 billion people that will be on the Earth by 2050, make fulfilling careers and pay well.


STEM Food & Ag Council Annual Report

In 2014, the STEM Food & Ag Council worked to create a story that clearly captures the food and agriculture industry’s human capital needs and the enormous career opportunities that it offers anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. This annual report is the culmination of our work. It laid out our insights and direction, and offered a common path for creating a more robust food and ag human capital pipeline. We offer it with the fervent hope that it will be an important step toward leading the way to global food security in the decades ahead. Whether you are in agribusiness, an educator or perhaps a young person with an interest in STEM careers, this is your opportunity to be a part of something big. Join us and together let’s eliminate global hunger.



2017 #AGis Town Hall

A Conversation Between Current and Future Leaders

On April 27, 2017, the Lab simulcasted a Town Hall in Jack Morton Auditorium at The George Washington University. With the goal of increasing awareness of STEM Career Opportunities in Food and Agriculture the event targeted college-aged students who have a demonstrated interest and aptitude in STEM fields. There was a live audience comprised of students from member institutions and local schools. Speakers included senior, high level executives from Food and Agribusiness who spoke about the opportunities and trends in the field. Students in the live audience and throughout the world had the opportunity to interact with speakers and ask questions, aided by technology. An emphasis was put on global participation from various locations, including live interaction.

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