STEMconnector’s New Research Explores STEM Work-Based Learning in Postsecondary Settings

STEMconnector’s newest white paper, STEM Work-Based Learning in Postsecondary Settings: A guide for employers, discusses how work-based learning bolsters recent graduates’ preparedness for the STEM workforce and provides employers with earlier access to STEM talent. The research finds employers seeking postsecondary STEM talent face two troubling realities:

  • Not enough students pursue and persist in STEM degree programs – only 8% of students earning an associate’s and 19% of students earning a bachelor’s degree graduate in a STEM field.
  • Not enough students who achieve their STEM degree are prepared for the workforce – only 11% of business leaders think recent grads are well prepared for on-the-job success.
One way to address these aspects of the STEM talent crisis is through work-based learning, a practice that benefits students and their prospective employers. The white paper provides employers with information they can use to create work-based learning programs or improve upon existing ones. This is a members only resource  that can be accessed through the member portal on Log in to your account to download the white paper today. If you do not yet have a STEMconnector account, please reach out to your client service lead to create one.  To learn more about becoming a STEMconnector member, please click here.
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