#BeyondTheBuzzChat Twitter Chat Recap: Summer STEM Learning Resources

On June 25, along with a few of its industry partners and clients, STEMconnector conducted a Twitter Chat focused on Summer STEM learning resources. The Twitter Chat highlighted high quality STEM resources to support summer learning for students and teachers during COVID-19.

Participants shared some of their resources that they have put together for students to keep them engaged during the summer. In case you missed the Twitter chat, below are the questions that we asked participants:

  • Due to the current circumstances that require social distancing, what are some of the biggest obstacles to summer learning and what can we do to overcome these challenges?
  • There’s a belief that in the current environment students are getting screen fatigue and learning outcomes are suboptimal. What are some steps to make virtual learning interactive and fun?
  • Does your organization offer virtual summer resources? Could you share information about them and what type of learning they seek to advance?
  • What strategies are in place to communicate with students’ families while practicing distance learning through the summer?
  • What can parents do to help motivate their child’s summer learning experience?

Here are a few messages from participants of the Twitter Chat:

“As part of MIND Research Institute’s mission to mathematically equip all students, they’ve created free instructional resources to support schools and families as they navigate distance learning.” – MIND Research Institute

“TGR Foundation provides educators, students and families with no-cost lessons, video tutorials and resources to support distance learning at” – TGR Foundation

“Discovery Education and the STEM Careers Coalition are leveraging the Private Sector to support students and educators during COVID-19 through a series of resources designed to connect students to the challenges of today, and think critically about the solutions of tomorrow.” – Discovery Education

“The San Francisco 49ers created an interactive Digital Playbook to support teachers and students as they navigate at-home learning. Geared towards K-8 students, this playbook includes a variety of STEAM and football focused activities that range from understanding the physics behind throwing a football to how the helmet design has evolved over time and even encourages students to get outside and time themselves doing speed and agility drills to understand various math concepts.” –  San Francisco 49ers

“Using exciting emerging technology like drones, coding, 3D design, AI, and robotics to help K-12 students apply what they’re learning in the classroom. NextWaveSTEM  uses hands-on training and PD to help teachers successfully integrate STEM and related concepts into their everyday instruction.” – NextWaveSTEM

We also put together a list of resources that were shared from participants during the chat below:



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