Siobhan Mullen (CEO, SAS Games, Inc.): TiViTz Teacher-to-Teacher Challenge Promotes STEM Interest, Connects Classrooms

Our popular children’s math and strategy game, TiViTz, has been successfully used by educators in communities around the country as a tool to reinforce math and critical thinking concepts. In some school districts, studies suggest incorporating TiViTz as an in-class resource increases student math test scores by as many as two letter grades. These formal findings—along with inspiring anecdotes about positive student performance transformations—form the basis of our new nationwide Teacher-to-Teacher Challenge, a 30-region competition to spark STEM interest, improve math and critical thinking skills, connect classrooms and groups around the country, and offer participation-based prizes.

Using our redesigned, state-of-the-art online game, classrooms and groups around the country may leverage the power of TiViTz to make math fun, emphasize the importance of strategic thinking, and exploit gaming technology to benefit intellectual growth.

Running through the end of the current academic year, the Teacher-to-Teacher challenge is free and accessible to all classrooms grades 2 through 6, and all civic and social groups with members in those grades—to include the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, 4-H, STEM Scouts, Gifted and Talented programs, robotics clubs, and coding clubs.

To grow the game organically through educator and group leader networks, participation-based incentives are available to both students and teachers/group leaders. These include classroom parties, round-trip airfare, a 2018 Hyundai Elantra, and flash prizes issued through our social media account.

If you are a teacher or group leader, or know educators and group leaders who may be interested, visit for more information, or request an invitation to join at

Siobhan Mullen is CEO of SAS Games, Inc., creators of the math and strategy game TiViTz—the 2017 Microsoft Education Mobility Partner of the Year. A former aerospace executive and Special Assistant to the Administrator of NASA, Mullen was named one of STEMconnector’s 100 Corporate Women Leaders in STEM, and received the 2017 Entrepreneurial Leadership Award from Million Women Mentors.

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