Join Million Women Mentors for their Leadership Circle Webinar on June 6th!

Million Women Mentors inspires the confidence and interest in young women and girls to pursue STEM careers and leadership opportunities through the power of mentoring. With over 2.3 million commitments to mentor, and over 1 million completed mentoring relationships since 2014, the movement reaches mentees across the United States. Part of this extensive network is a series of specialized councils working to increase opportunities for women and girls within a particular sector or initiative including:

  • Commitment to¬†Entrepreneurship
  • Global Awareness & Activation
  • Women in Insurance
  • Corporate Mentor Best Practices
  • States Outreach & Programming
  • Technology & Impact

Hear from our Leadership Circle how each one of these initiatives impacts the movement and the case for mentoring programs. This one-hour webinar will be a chance to celebrate and build on progress within each council, while providing concrete calls to action for attendees. It will start at 11AM ET on Wednesday, June 6th.

Program Agenda and Speakers: 

To join us on this MWM webinar, register with WebEx here.

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