Mentoring Month January 2020

If you’re new to STEMconnector or a longstanding member, you know how important mentoring is to our collective efforts. The act of mentoring others can have far-reaching positive effects for both the mentor themselves as well as the one being mentored. At STEMconnector, we believe wholeheartedly in the value of mentoring and the importance mentors play in the lives of others – and we want to hear your story.

Share your story!

January is mentoring month and we want to hear from our STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors family about the importance of mentoring. Whether you were the one mentoring others or the one being mentored, we want to hear your story about how mentoring has positively impacted your life.

Tell us about your mentor, the best advice your mentor ever gave you, what you learned while being mentored or mentoring others, or even how you met your mentor. We want to know your story so be creative, have fun, and tell us about what mentoring means to you!

Submissions can be sent directly to the STEMconnector/MWM team here!




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