Overlooked Talent Pools

Employers across industries face the burden of STEM talent gaps and understand the imperative to increase diversity in STEM roles. Yet, many employers turn to the same populations, geographies, and systems to find talent year after year. In doing so, they are either missing out on viable sources of talent entirely, or they underestimate the potential power of their unique role in growing and strengthening such pools.

STEMconnector’s Overlooked Talent Pools Data Series

STEMconnector’s Overlooked Talent Pools Data Series offers a clear, data-driven picture of under-represented and often overlooked talent pools, allowing you to deepen your understanding of these populations and make more informed decisions. The initial populations to be covered in these compelling, accurate, and timely data briefs will include:

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American Indians and Alaskan Natives in STEM

Hispanics & Latinos in STEM

U.S. Military Veterans in STEM

Black & African Americans in STEM

Rural Residents & Communities in STEM

Incumbent (or Current) STEM Workers

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