STEMconnector Ebook Series: User Experience

The purpose of our ebooks is to elevate, enlighten and educate on the importance of STEM and the world of opportunities for individuals who pursue STEM education and training. Each ebook focuses on a STEM-fueled industry or topic highlighting the companies, careers, and learning pathways to opportunities within the field.

Ultimately, we hope to reach the next generation, and better prepare a STEM ready and STEM excited workforce. It is our greatest hope that we engage, inform, and inspire in order to increase the number of students who pursue STEM pathways. In the STEMconnector ebook series, we shine the light on inspiring stories of real people to demonstrate the accessibility and STEM potential in all individuals. In addition, the ebooks provide resources and advice for students on how to pursue STEM pathways and reach STEM influencers who will leverage ebook content directly with students or within an existing curriculum or program.

For those people and companies who contribute to our ebooks (sponsor and outside organizations/educational institutions), we seek to help raise awareness of thought leaders and companies who value STEM with logo inclusion and social media fodder. We also seek to amplify these organizations as STEM-fueled and full of opportunities by highlighting STEM jobs within the organization and employee spotlights, and showcase other impactful, respected organizations with similar goals.

In only a few months we have produced three ebooks with many more to come. Future topics will include: Nuclear Science, Semiconductors, Transportation, Construction and Earth Day!

Download STEMconnector’s ebooks:

Insurance is STEM

Saving the Planet is STEM

Food and Agriculture is STEM

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