The Credit Suisse Raleigh IT Women’s Council Takes Teachers on a SummerSTEM Immersion!

On Thursday, July 26th, Credit Suisse Raleigh IT Women’s Council played host to Wake County teachers for a  day-long “SummerSTEM Immersion” event. CS technologists shared their subject matter expertise on topics spanning from design thinking to AI, to infrastructure and engineering, as part of the commitment to foster the pipeline for STEM Talent for the future.

Each of the participating teachers was given a CS Lesson Plan with instructions on exercises to captivate their K-5th graders  – and ultimately drive early recruitment efforts for Credit Suisse. During the day-long event, the teachers were given a modified, more adult sampling of the lesson plan in action as a trial run — and to ensure anticipated questions could be posed to the CS experts.

With all of the positive feedback from those that participated (both the teachers and CS employees), it’s hard to discern which group had a better time and got more out of the event.

On Friday, when encountered in the hallway, Willamina O’Keeffe, one of the instructors for a segment on chatbots and AI said, “I simply can’t stop laughing at some of the interactions we had with the teachers. They were full of energy and intellectual curiosity – and I fully expect that they will take that energy back into the classroom.”

We give that feedback an “A” for the day.

The event was planned, sponsored and executed by the Raleigh chapter of the IT Women’s Council. Thanks to all who contributed their time and energy on behalf of the event.

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