New STEMconnector Research Lays Out A First-Of-Its-Kind Framework For Defining And Measuring The Success Of Investments In The STEM Workforce

MAY 2, 2019 — WASHINGTON, DC |  STEMconnector today released its 2019 signature research report, Input to Impact: A Framework for Measuring Success Across the STEM Ecosystem, which provides a common definition for success in our collective STEM talent development work, and approach to measurement that can be used to plan and target STEM investments for greater impact. This report also provides a framework for corporations and funders to use to assess the impact of their existing work and improve returns. The report builds off of 2018’s State of STEM Report, which defined the nuanced gaps in STEM talent, to define the approach to measuring progress in addressing those gaps.

Defining success and tracking progress in STEM talent efforts is more critical now than ever before, as we continue to invest millions of dollars and yet remain challenged by a lack of significant progress at scale. According to the CECP, nearly one-third of companies report that STEM is their priority for philanthropic activity. And delivering return on investments for  STEM talent is mission-critical for industry — The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts as many as 2.4 million STEM jobs to go unfilled by 2025. Input to Impact equips leaders with the measurement approaches they need to increase diversity across the STEM talent pipeline, foster a more inclusive STEM ecosystem, and improve collaboration across sectors and organizations

Input to Impact is about defining success in the STEM talent ecosystem, and provides concrete steps corporations can take to assess, improve, and align their STEM talent strategies,” said report author Erin White, Senior Director, Product Development & Research at STEMconnector.

“I think at this point most of us know we need to invest in STEM talent, and that we need to do it holistically across the gaps,” shared Becca Shaddox, Director of STEM Strategy at Walmart, “But having a common framework for defining and measuring our actual impact is a game changer. It doesn’t only help me more clearly define my ROI to the business, but actually helps me think about how I assess the success of my investments.”

The report is available for download at:

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